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AlphaGirlz was founded by Angela R. Evans while living in Houston, TX and then incorporated on March 6, 2006. After moving back to socal, AlphaGirlz was then incorporated in Los Angeles, CA on July 1, of 2007.  

A former collegiate athlete, Physical Education teacher and coach, Angela had encountered several middle school students who suffered from conditions associated with obesity.  Many of the female students had participated in little or no daily physical activity.  All had expressed interest in improving their health as well as their self-image but did not have the resources available.  Angela soon attended several workshops given by The Dreyfus Health Foundation which assists various communities in developing specific health related projects all over the nation.  As a result, AlphaGirlz was created!  The name AlphaGirlz was chosen to represent empowerment, motivation and self-confidence.  The AlphaGirlz program included educating girls on health and fitness while they participated in mini sports camps and physically active field trips (i.e. ice skating, bike rides, walks).  It was a success!

AlphaGirlz offers various outdoor group activities and competitive tournaments for for all women and girls.  Check our events page for scheduled dates and times!

Angela received her BA in Communications from California State University, Sacramento and has a background in Health Care, Health Education and Physical Education. 
She has taught Physical Education, History and Language Arts in high risk areas for 5 years which includes teaching/coaching in Compton Unified School District in Compton, CA, teaching at CEP, an alternative school for high risk students for the Houston Independent School District in Houston, TX (during Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita) and teaching/coaching for ALC, an alternative school for high risk students in Alief Independent School District in Houston, TX.  She has received her Texas Educator Certificate for Physical Education (Grades EC-12) and a Texas Educator Certificate for Generalist (Grades 4-8). She is also CPR/AED certified for Adult/Child/Infants. 

In 1987, she received a dual scholarship in track and basketball to Weber State in Ogden, UT.  After a knee injury, she transferred to CSUS to graduate with a BA in Communications in December 1994.  All her life, she has participated in multiple co-ed and women's teams in baseball, basketball, flag football, track, volleyball and softball throughout the years but the best sports experience was soon to come.  In 2000-2002 she was the starting Running Back for the Los Angeles Lasers, a semi-professional women's football team! 

Angela's passion for fitness and sports has since been geared toward the development of affordable programs that will allow her to share her experience and knowledge of fitness and training for girls and women who are interested in becoming fit for life!

For more information about AlphaGirlz, contact: 
Angela R. Evans 
310- 562-73